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Comfort/Sure Footedness
On the comfort front, the New Rhino Grass Courts really impressed me. I was impressed by the combination of underfoot cushioning and the sure footed response.

"This is a seriously comfortable court to play on" said Andy . "I thought the cushioning was excellent. It felt very comfortable, yet was also very responsive for quick court coverage. I found my confidence immediately in the footing , so there was no adjustment period where I had to think about my body movement.’ As far as comfort goes, these scored very high for me." Andy is a USPTA Teaching professional and Director of Tennis. Former Division 1 player and current Open Competition Player.

Robert agreed. He said, "As a regualr grass and clay court player I was not surprised by the high level of comfort these courts offer. What I was surprised about was the sure footed nature of the court surfaces. On natural grass I have to constantly be aware of the potential of sliding or slipping. Not the case with Rhino Grass Courts. The days of sliding on clay are over for me.. so this is the best blend of any court surface I have ever played on. The courts felt firm yet my body was telling me I am playing on something plush and cushioned ". Robert is an 86 year old avaid tennis player who plays club tennis on a daily basis.

Bruce "This was by far one of the most comfortable court I have ever played on . The court felt amazing and the more I play on the court it continues to impress me more. Especially after several hard cuts I found my self getting to balls I have not retrieved in years. You always have that pain factor in the back of your mind..but cutting on these courts eliminates the fear of pain from impact. A pleasure to play ". Bruce is Division 1 National Champion in doubles and is an active Open Division player .
Court Response
Our Players were impressed with the confidence in control and maneuverability while on the court. Being able to predict the ball response gave the players confidence to plant and balance and thus release the racquet head without doubt. Finding tons of control on the court was Naper. He said, "I felt comfortable taking large cuts at the ball. The combination of a a great ball bounce and having the ability to “get there” made for a very controlled, yet aggressive feel on ground strokes. I could feel the court forgiveness during heavy baseline exchanges, making me think this is a body friendly court system. The dense pile of the turf gives the ball a consistent rebound , allowing me to react and swing with confidence placing the ball from corner to corner. The only downside was that my opponent was sharing the same benefit…resulting in some fun, long extended rallies. Another interesting note is that drop shots are even more effective. Since the court is a soft court..a well played drop shot will have an even more dramatic result. Whether with spin or a dead dropper the ball holds it place. Executing difficult shots on this court gains the just reward …very cool. “ Naper is a Former Division 1 Elite Player, Big 12 Champion and current USPTA teaching professional.